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Gain full perspective of your training of your horses

Do you wish to keep your training variated, men have difficulties remembering eccactly what you did last week?
Do you have a trainingstable and are trying to keep the overview over when each horse has been trained and how?
Are you trying to keep track of your training with pencil and papir, but lost the perspective in the middle of it?
Do you just want to follow your training and keep track of farrier and vet visits in an overseeable manor?

If any of the above fits your situation, then take a look at Equinotes

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Full perspective of all your horses training Add your horses with picture and description Overview of all practical activities, like vet and farrier You can share an account, or as a trainingstable you can give your employees access As administrator of an account, you choose exactly what each user can access You can plan activities a week ahead for each horse


Gives you the full pespective of all your horses and their training. You can plan a week ahead and thereby optimize your time. When you add an activity to your horse you will also have the possibility to change rider and/or add an extra activity.


Gives you the possibility to add notes for each of your horses. It could be a note about how your horse did at todays training, what you need to train, or what you learned at a riding lesson. It is possible to add tags, so you are able to search across horses on specific keywords. You could search for "Canter" to get all notes on how you have trained the canter on different horses.

Horse overview

Gives you the overview of your horses. You can add a picture and description of each horse. This will help your employees remembering the horses or you can write notes about the horse for youself.
If the horse is out of training for a period of time, you can deactivate it, and it will not be visible in the trainingcalendar until you activate it again.
If the horse is out of training for a longer period or you have sold the horse and still want to keep the data, you can send it to archive and delete it later if wanted.


It is you who decide exactly which activities you want in your calendar. You add them with the names you want, and can deactivate and activate them, if you don't have the need for them for a period of time.
You can follow your horse during time, to see how often you train it. Divide your activities into categories, and get a pespective of how often the horse is ridden on the tracks compared to out on trails. You have the possibility to sort by categories.

Practical calendar

Helps you keep track of all practical activities like vet, farrier, vaccinations and what you have the need for. You can add as many tabs as you like, and you choose the name. Here you can also se a calendar overview for each horse for each practical activity, to se when it is time for vaccination again for example.

User settings

As administrator of an account, you decide exactly what your users can access, change and delete on your account. These settings can always be changed depending on your needs. You have the possibility to add users of the type "Horse owner", these users can only see a calendar overview of the horses you choose.


Do you own one or more stallions? Then Equinotes Breeding is perfect for you to keep track of the mares coming in, coverings/inseminations, pregnancy scans and the economy of each mare.
You can plan as far ahead as you want in the calendar. You can add notes/comments to each activity in the calendar. You can see specific calendar overviews for each horse, which will make it easy for you to see activities and edit them. The system helps you by calculating the date of the pregnancy scans of each mare.
This system gives you everything you need to get through the breeding season as easy as possible!

There is always a free trial period of 1 month WITHOUT commitment!
After the trial period, the prices are as seen below, where you also can see what each package include.
All packages, except of the Breeding, include trainingcalendar, notes, horse overview, archive and administration of activities.
The Breeding package is for stallion owners, who wants to keep track of their stallions and the mares to be covered. This package ONLY include
the breeding functionality, NOT any of the training functions.
You will have the possibility of upgrading your account if you feel the need.

Own horses
1 active user
5 horses

Small trainingstable
5 active users
20 horses
Practical calendar
Paddock times

Large trainingstable
Unlimited active users
Unlimited horses
Practical calendar
Paddock times
Stable manager
For stallion owners
Unlimited active users
Unlimited horses

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